Next Step Christian Life Coaching
About Myself
Name: Yvonne D. Osko      
Education: MA, BCCC
School: Bob Jones University
Major: Sacred Music BA
School: Liberty University
Degree: Professional Counseling MA
International Board of Christian Counselors: Board Certified Christian Counselor BCCC
Contact Info
Phone: 714-992-6272
Other Info
My Book: The Unwelcome Journey: Understanding the Journey of Grief
What is Life Coaching?
Life Coaching is not therapy. Life Coaching is the new Helping Relationship for helping people build vision and take the next step towards a more fulfilled future
Professional Life Coaches help you define your purpose and keep your focus on future possibilities, not on past mistakes. Next Step Christian Life Coaching is for individuals or couples seeking to achieve greater satisfaction, fulfillment and meaning.
At Next Step Christian Life Coaching you have a partner to walk you step by step in setting and achieving goals, identifying and pursuing priorities, and thus filling your days with more joy and less stress.
You can start today to live your life as it was meant to be.
Who would benefit from Next Step Christian Life Coaching?
Anyone who desires personal growth and change and wants to make a difference in their life would benefit. Professional Life Coaching helps young adults through retirees from many walks of life: professionals, teachers, homemakers, students, business, community and ministry leaders.
What if I am not located near by?
Distance is no obstacle. With phone, fax, and email, Next Step Christian Life Coaching delivers efficient, personal and powerful service. Partnering with a life coach is practical, accessible, flexible, and convenient.
What about fees and payment?
Coaching fees typically cover three 30 minute scheduled sessions per month, email and faxes between sessions, and spot coaching calls.