next step christian life coaching
About Myself
Name: Yvonne D. Osko            
Education: MA, BCCC
School: Bob Jones University
Major: Sacred Music BA
School: Liberty University
Degree: Professional Counseling MA
International Board of Christian Counselors: Board Certified Christian Counselor BCCC
Contact Info
Phone: 714-992-6272
Other Info
My Book: The Unwelcome Journey: Understanding the Journey of Grief
Meet Your Next Step Christian Life Coach
Growing up a “Preacher’s Kid,” and later having been involved in Pastoral Ministry with my husband before his tragic death in an automobile accident, my life has been dedicated to my own personal growth and to assisting others in finding greater meaning and significance in their lives.  Following my husband’s death, I have found Professional Christian Life Coaching a way to again invest in the lives of people who also have a desire to grow.
Educational Background:
My Educational Background includes a bachelor of Arts Degree in Sacred Music, a Master of Arts Degree in Professional Counseling, One-on-One Training with a Personal Life Coach, and Continuing Education Studies in Pastoral Counseling, Grief Counseling, Christian Apologetics, Women’s Issues, Men’s Issues, Parenting, Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Addiction, Healthy Sexuality, Mentoring, Mediation, and more.
Professional Experience:
In addition to Personal Life Coaching, my Professional Experience has included MFT Counseling, Directing Church Music and Christian Education; a Private Piano, Organ, and Vocal Teaching Business; and Public School Substitute Teacher K-12.
I am a current member of The American Association of Christian Counselors, The Christian Coaches Network, The Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Formation Network, and The International Board of Certified Christian Counselors.