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12 True Examples
1) A mother calls me and says she wants to give her daughter every advantage possible to make her life better, and sets up appointments for her. The daughter is discouraged, unhappy, and frustrated with her life. After a few months of coaching, she is working at a new job and loving it, exercising everyday and losing weight, breaking off a detrimental relationship, organizing her room at home, involving herself in new activities, -- and one day walks into my office and expresses “I am the happiest I have every been in my life!” This took some initiative on her part, but it paid off for her.
2) A lovely lady had found it necessary to end a marriage after many years because of husband’s repeated infidelity. She finds herself lonely and wants to be married again, - to someone who can properly express his love to her and her alone. After a few months of building confidence and gaining new perspectives, she became involved in a new relationship that was just what her heart longed for. A few months later, they were married, and she began a brand new life of happiness and trust.
3) Two graduating seniors beginning a new life in college found the transition challenging. Some weekly support and encouragement in their new venture soon brought them to a happy integrative college life.
4) A mother took one idea from an Emotion Focused Parenting Group Coaching Series that helped a child’s need for more quality time with her busy mother.
5) A father for the first time spent quality time with his young son after inquiring of his wife what she had learned in her Parenting Group Coaching Series.
6) A bereaved lady, grieving the most devastating loss of her husband in a car accident, sees that even in her hurt, she can begin to rebuild her life, and stops by the college on her way home from the session, and enrolls in two computer classes to build her confidence and self-esteem in preparation for going back to work.
7) A young man, having been hurt on his job, and receiving disability benefits for two years, is anxious, sad, and doesn’t know what to do with his life. He was recommended to me for coaching. As a result, he was able to get an error in his college credits corrected, has received his diploma, is in a new job, is married, has a new baby, and is expecting greater opportunities in the work world.
8) A Youth Pastor, struggling to find a way to meet the needs of his youth and still have time and space for study, gets one idea in one session and finds his answer -- the answer that works!
9) A Senior Pastor, drawn in so many varied areas of ministry, finds help from a Coach who brings some top priorities in focus on weekly scheduled visits.
10) A man whose wife of many years died was referred to me to coach him through his journey of grief. He is now walking with a coworker who has recently suffered the death of his wife, sharing with him some of the thoughts and helps that he received.
11) A couple who were finding some distance in their married life, were able in a few sessions to come to grips with the cause, correct it, and move again into their desired intimate relationship.
12) A woman, whose son had held a grudge for many, many years, breaking the mother’s heart and leaving her alone and lonely after the death of her husband, found a way to rebuild a relationship with the son and enjoy his new found care for her.
What are you wanting to change in your life?
• Do you want to be better at something?
• Do you want to eliminate something unwanted in your life?
• Do you need time management?
• Do you need to build relationships?
• Are you happy in your present job?
• Do you wish for a more gratifying spiritual life?
• Is there a craving for a more intimate husband/wife relationship? - or a happier family life?
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