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Yvonne Osko, M.A., BCCC
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My Book: The Unwelcome Journey: Understanding the Journey of Grief
Next Step Christian Life Coaching is All About YOU
Next Step Christian Life Coaching is about having a professional partner who comes  along side you, helping you discover the next step—and the next—toward reaching a desired goal. It’s about helping you move from where you are to where you really want to be, giving you encouragement, new perspectives, holding you accountable, and cheering your successes.
Reaching your God-given potential is a journey—not a destination. There is forever a greater goal for which to strive—one step at a time. What’s the next step in your journey? Take a look at what these 12 clients have achieved!
12 True Client Success Stories
• What are you wanting to change in your life?
• Do you want to be better at something?
• Do you want to eliminate something unwanted in your life?
• Do you need time management?
• Do you want to build relationships?
• Are you happy in your present job?
• Do you wish for a more gratifying spiritual life?
• Is there a desire for a more intimate husband/wife relationship?  -  or a happier family life?
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